His customers had a need for his abilities and services so he became the best, so he could do the job.

Then came the computer as a new tool in the sign industry.  Just like the many other tools he learned to used, he learned to use it well for his customers advantage. 

Unlike many in the sign industry today, David Benton has the experience and the ability in the "old school" and the computer end of the business. That way he can use the best applications for his customers.

Owner, Sign Maker since 1965

Ca Contractor #405772

David Benton started working in the sign business during High School.   It follows that his experience in the many facets of the industry comes from this long history.  When he started there were no PC's that could print out just about anything you could think of.  He had to learn the basic concepts of letter construction, layout and lettering by hand.  Also how to screen print signs, decals and fabrics. He became an expert in gold leaf applications.  Learned how to carve and sandblast redwood signs.  How to layout trucks and vans so that they would be easily read and become an asset to his customers.

He became known as the guy that could get the job right the first time.  Through the years he learned how to do many techniques, using many different tools.

He credits his abilities not only to his own natural talent.  He also had three older sign men that between them had over 100 years of experience in the trade that they freely shared with him.  At the time they were the cutting edge in the sign industry.

This gave David a leg up to say the least.  He learned things in 5 years that some sign makers never do in a lifetime.

David J. Benton